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Best Sun Reading Glasses in the World

Sun Shield Fit Over Sunglasses
Ideal Eyewear

Are you tired of having to choose between having clear vision or protecting your eyes from the glaring sun? These great Fit Over Sunglasses from Ideal Eyewear solve that problem!
Now you can get the crisp, clear vision you depend on from your prescription eyeglasses, while protecting your eyes from the sun and reducing eye strain at the same time.

Sun Readers-Black- , 1.00 Strength,
American Readers
Product Ratings
  • “Made very well!” – Heather Birath
  • “They are Polarized and dark enough to eliminate squinting in bright light.” – PB
  • “One arm broke after about 4 weeks.” – Joyce Hadcroft

Eyekepper Stainless Steel Flex Arms Full Sun Readers Tinted Reading Glasses Black +2.00

Patent Design,Lightweight Stainless Steel Frame,52-18-140mm

Product Comparisons
  • “Just perfect for beach and pool reading.” – Anita Bailey
  • “I will buy again once he loses this pair.” – CC
  • “The nice protective case is a plus.” – Robert by the sea

Sun Orchard Fashion Full Reading Sunglasses
Ritzy Readers

Sun Orchard reading sunglasses from Ritzy Readers are a lush, colorful addition to your wardrobe that will have your friends wondering where you got them.

Calabria 721SB Flexies Round Sun Bi-Focal Reading Glasses w Case

Bi-Focal lenses. Made of TR-90 Grilamid from Switzerland, theses fabulous readers are unbelievably light weight and durable. TR-90 is a memory polymer that can be bent and twisted and always return to its original shape.

Buying Guides
  • “They are stylish and light weight on my face.” – Valerie
  • “The bi-focal sunglasses make such good sense and these are lightweight and pliable.” – Janet Newheart
  • “Kind of John Lennon-y and look cool.” – Elizabeth Sawyer

Jackie O Designer style Sun Readers for Women
Boomer Eyeware

A designer remodel made famous by one of the most famous photographed women of the 20th century. This is a timeless design now offeBrown in modern colors.

Sun Reading Glasses Reviews
  • “Great looking sunglasses and the best part is that they are bifocal so I car easily read a map or the information on the dash of the car.” – Virginia Urani
  • “Great fit and great look!” – Amanda Temple
  • “I was worried these might be too BIG but they are great.” – Mackenzie

Coppertone By Select-a-vision Sunreader +2.00, Black
Coppertone by Select-A-Vision

Coppertone Sun Readers by Select-A-Vision –open the door to reading anywhere. Quality frame designs targeting men and woman who demand a look worthy of an active outdoor lifestyle.

Hollywood Sun-Focals for youthful and active women who want to look great and read in comfort as they work or have fun in the sun. Never wear two pairs of glasses outdoors again!
Ritzy Readers

Our Hollywood bifocal sunglasses are a fantastic choice for youthful ladies who enjoy sophistication. If you lead an active lifestyle and need to be able to read outdoors, you’ill appreciate the regular sunglasses on top with tiny, built-in optical lenses below.

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